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Top 7 Hangover Foods


Top 7 Hangover Foods

Ever gone out and had ‘too much” fun?   It seems like a good idea at the time, but the morning is just plain awful. Your body feels like it’s been hit by a truck, and you are sure that there is a mountain of cotton balls in your mouth. (I don’t know this from experience, of course) Anyhoo…. If you did celebrate a bit more that you should have--- the good news is that help is close at hand. There are a few foods that can help you feel better, and give your liver the rest and recuperation it needs to heal after a night of whooping it up.


watermelon-250  Watermelon

This wonder food is packed full of water (92%) which will really help hydrate your very dehydrated body. Alcohol tends to suck the nutrients out of your body, and lower blood sugar levels.  The fructose and vitamins and minerals in watermelon will help you get back on your feet quicker.
 ginger250 Ginger

Ginger has been clinically shown to help reduce nausea and queasiness of pregnant women and motion sick travelers. In fact, I used ginger candy through my first trimester of pregnancy, and it really did the trick. So it makes sense that it can help relieve an upset stomach after a bit too much alcohol consumption. It may help to try ginger gum, candy, or some ginger tea. If that doesn’t sound appealing, try a few ginger cookies.
 friedegg Eggs

Who hasn’t gone out for a greasy, fat filled meal after a night of debauchery? Doesn’t matter how you fix them, eggs are actually a great choice for healing that hangover. Eggs contain the highest biological value of protein, which helps to boost serotonin levels. Serotonin is known as the “feel good chemical”, because it changes brain chemistry and can improve mood. Eggs are also high in cystine, a building block of protein which helps fight against the alcohol-induced toxins that contribute to your hangover.
 bananas250 Bananas

Bananas are a great source of potassium, an electrolyte that is depleted when alcohol is consumed. In addition, bananas are a staple of the RICE diet that is given to children that have an upset stomach because of their ability to reduce stomach acid, which tends to make people nauseated.
 soup-250 Soup

Soup really does the trick for dousing the hangover. Chicken soup is loaded with vitamins and minerals, and is an awesome way to rehydrate the body with much needed salt and fluids. Having some day after diarrhea as well as the nausea and queasiness? Soup will be easy on the stomach and help you replace much needed fluids and electrolytes from that as well.. YEAH!
 oatmeal-250 Oats

Oatmeal might not be the first thing to come to mind when you are trying to get rid of a hangover, but think again. Oatmeal is a nearly perfect food, providing much needed B Vitamins and minerals as well as a long lasting burst of energy due to complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Oatmeal can also help your body get rid of the alcohol faster and maintaining steady blood sugar levels to help you get through the day
 juice250 100% Fruit juice

If the thought of eating any type of food makes your stomach turn, then fruit juice might be the way to go.   It’s a good idea to coat your stomach with food; fruit juice will provide B and C vitamins as well as raise blood sugar levels and rehydrate your body. Freshly squeezed juice is a great option of you can get it.
So there you have it.. a list of foods to get you back on your feet in no time. Just make sure you go to the store and pick up these foods so you are prepared for the next night of jocularity.

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