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Healthy Tweets

AmyJTodayRD prestofresh grocery doubles sales in first year, brings on wellness expert http://t.co/QDObMgmR74
AmyJTodayRD "PrestoFresh Nutrition & Wellness" on @LinkedIn https://t.co/nL8efzMdmu
AmyJTodayRD @DietitianOnline thanks for the RT!! Happy Holidays!
AmyJTodayRD My fav holiday foods for a stress free season : ) http://t.co/kSwosyNyCJ
AmyJTodayRD The Scariest Halloween Candy You Can Eat http://t.co/f3VgKpvWxp via @bostondotcom
AmyJTodayRD 15 Foods You Should Eat When You're Drunk http://t.co/vCfeRgqYqH via @Cosmopolitan
AmyJTodayRD Why Inflammation Matters for Diabetics http://t.co/gQXGi2I820 via @TIMEHealth
AmyJTodayRD FDA approves a third new weight-loss pill http://t.co/lRLhfufNGz via @usatoday
AmyJTodayRD Prediabetes Associated With Increase in Cancer Risk independent of obesity... http://t.co/YjB1xUn623

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Nutritional News with Amy J

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